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Top 5 Apps For Finding Out Flight Times

Traveling can be a stressful experience when you have to keep track of all the details while contending with flight delays, airport parking, long security checks and other issues. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you to make your travel plans without worrying too much. You can use phone apps to find out flight times, which will help you to plan accordingly. Apart from finding out the flight time, you can receive alerts on flight delays. The following flight tracker tools will come in handy for your trip.

  1. TripTracker 

This free iOS app is very detailed when it comes to flight information. Apart from the real-time flight status reports, the app also delivers detailed weather reports, up-to-the-minute schedule push alerts, as well as hotel and car rental information. With this app, you have a comprehensive handheld itinerary that will help you to keep track of all your travel details. Everything is automatically updated to your phone, from flight information to your hotel confirmation and vehicle rental details.

  1. FlightAware

This free iOS and Android Flight Tracker is able to track real-time flight status as well as the location of any commercial flight in the world. With the FlightAware App, you can find out the location of passengers travelling by private plane or charter. Through the use of the GPS system, you can determine where you are and find out the aircraft in your vicinity and where they are flying to. The ability to zoom and span the world map makes this tool perfect for aviation enthusiasts.

  1. GateGuru

This free Android and iOS app is a product from TripAdvisor that aims to customize travel while taking the guesswork out of the adventure. GateGuru offers the basic flight tracking functions but goes further to customize your travel plans. When you set the details, input your travel itinerary and the app will make all the connections providing detailed information. You can find out where to check in, the estimated wait time at the security checks, the current weather conditions and airport amenities. You also benefit from access to the over 35,000 reviews available from TripAdvisor.

  1. FlightBoard

This paid Android and iOS app is a simple and straightforward flight board that lists arrivals and departures at the airport. The easy-to-use design offers information on over 1,400 airlines that fly into and out of 3000 airports, with fresh updates every five minutes. The app is perfect for those who are only interested in keeping track of their flights and it looks much like the flight board you see at airports.

  1. Flightradar24

This app is both entertaining and educational and it will make you feel like an air traffic controller. The Android and iOS app will help you to review flight status in real time. With Flightradar24, you can access information like the scheduled and actual arrival and departure times. You can also find out the speed, altitude and route of individual flights. Fun features include Cockpit View and Augmented Reality View.

Using phone apps will help to ensure that you do not have to miss your flight. You can make all the arrangements that you need ensuring that your travel plans are not interrupted, starting with just a swipe on your phone!

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