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5 Of The Latest And Greatest Gardening Apps Available For Your Mobile Device

If you have green fingers you’re probably always thinking of ways to improve your gardening skills, so what are you doing when it comes to learning at the moment? You might read a lot of books and keep up-to-date with your favorite websites, but now you can also learn a ton of stuff using your iPhone. Before you get started you’ll need to download some special gardening apps and we’re going to look at some of the best currently available in case you want a little help getting started.

Fullproof Plants for Small Gardens

There are a lot of people out there who love gardening, but because they don’t have a lot of space outside they mistakenly believe they can’t create a wonderful garden. The reason I say it’s a mistaken belief is because there are ways to grow a beautiful garden no matter how little space you have available. You will learn how to do it once you’ve downloaded this app and you will even find out how you can grow certain things inside if you are unlucky enough not to have a garden.


Do you have any idea what plants are in your garden already? Maybe you’ve moved into a new home and you don’t know how to look after something properly, so the first step is identifying the plant in question. If you have Plantifier on your phone it makes the identification process easy because you just need to take a photo of the plant. The others users who have the app on their phone will be able to identify it straight away because they’ll be experienced gardeners who have seen it all before.

Garden Plan Pro

You already know by now you want to grow an amazing garden full of lots of vegetables, herbs, and fruits and you’re just wondering how to get started. It can be a daunting experience if you’ve never tried it before, so Garden Plan Pro will help you lay everything out and it will all become much clearer. Not only will you be told how to grow everything, but you’ll also be given hints and reminders along the way to make sure nothing you stick in the ground ends up ruined.


This app is only focused on Europe, so if you come from anywhere else in the world you won’t be interested in the information unless you have a second home somewhere. If you want to grow the best plants and vegetables possible you need great soil, which is why most of our deserts and wastelands don’t have luscious greens coming out of the ground. Find out what the soil is like where you live and you’ll learn how to get it just right before you begin planting anything.

Backyard & Garden Design Ideas

Technology might be taking over, but this amazing gardening magazine is keeping up with the times by letting you have access to their fantastic information on your smartphone. It will give you the kind of practical advice and inspiration you could pick up from any of the fantastic garden centers around the country. You’ll find everything you need to know about turning your garden into the most attractive one in the neighborhood and if you want even more information you can go back and pick up past issues.

You don’t want to miss out

Even if you don’t think you have anything left to learn you’ll always find new ways to do things inside gardening apps because they’re full of the latest and greatest information. The ones we’ve spoken about today are enough to get started, but there are a lot more and I’m sure you’ll eventually get to check them all out.

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