5 Quick And Easy Ways To Say Goodbye To The Poor Air Quality Inside Your Home

Are you getting annoyed by the atrocious air quality inside your home? I’m sure you’re not the only person who feels that way, so take a quick look at some things you can do to improve things. You’ll be able to take a few of the things on the list and implement them straight away if you have the right stuff sitting at home.

Grow plants inside your home

How do you think we’re able to survive every day? I don’t want to turn this article into a science lecture, but plants thrive on carbon dioxide and they release oxygen into the atmosphere. It’s how you’ve been able to breathe clean air since you were born, but you can take the same kind of thing and bring it into your home. If you have lots of plants inside your home they will release more oxygen and the air will automatically start to get a little better.

A little bit of citrus does the trick

How many times have you nearly fainted because of the smells coming from your trash can? You have to wait until the trash can is full until you take it outside otherwise you’d spend your entire life running in and out of the garden, but the trash doesn’t need to smell terrible and there is a little trick you can use to fix it. Just take some citrus fruits and grate the skin before throwing some on top of all the trash. You can put some down your garbage disposal too and that can help alleviate some of the bad smells coming from it.

Use plenty of baking soda

Baking soda must win lots of awards for being the most versatile product in the world because it’s almost like you can do anything with it. Luckily one of those special things it can do is help the air quality inside your home and it does it by trapping bad smells. If you leave some lying around each room in a small bowl it will suck in all the bad smells and keep them there. Test it out if one of your rooms smells very bad and within a few days I think you’ll be impressed.

Spend money on a gadget

There are actually special air monitoring gadgets being released and they’ll monitor the quality of the air inside your home and tell you about any specific changes you should make. Alima is a perfect example and even though it’s not out yet you can still pre-order it. You will discover more about the small particles and gases floating around even though you can’t see them, plus when you can monitor the humidity in your home it can help to stop the growth and spread of mold.

Get your chemicals in order

Take a look under your kitchen sink and you’ll see how many harmful chemicals you have lying around. Every time you open one of them and use it inside your home the chemicals are obviously going to end up floating around in the air. If you want to put a stop to that you can easily start buying eco-friendly products as your old cleaning products run out. Don’t worry about them not being able to produce the same level of results because these days they’re just as efficient and the only thing that will change is the air quality inside your home.

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