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5 Powerful Apps Gardeners And Future Gardeners Will Love To Get Their Hands On

When you walk into the garden you might go to relax and escape technology for a few hours, but I have a funny feeling you’ll change your mind. The reason you’ll want to take your phone outside with you is because of the amazing gardening apps currently available to download. Don’t worry because you don’t need to use them all the time and you’ll still get to relax, but take a look at some of the cool things they can do and some will jump out at you.

Garden Compass

When you spend a long time growing a beautiful garden you don’t want it to be destroyed by pests, but how do you know if those little insects are dangerous or not? Some of them are actually helpful and they’ll protect your garden from harmful pests, so you don’t want to go around killing everything without thinking about it first. Garden Compass can help you identify the good guys from the bad ones and it will also help you diagnose any diseases your plants might have picked up.


If you’re looking for a powerful gardening app I think you might have found it. How do you identify the different types of plants, leaves, and seeds in your garden at the moment? Any normal person would buy a gardening book and scan every page until they found a photo that looked the same as the thing they were trying to identify. Leafsnap is trying to push the boundaries by using a special visual recognition software to identify anything once you’ve taken a photo of it on your phone.


Birdsnap is brought to you by the same people behind Leafsnap, so you can probably already guess what it does. If you take a photo of any birds in your garden it will attempt to use visual recognition software to identify the bird in question. It will also be helped along once it knows where you’re living and what time of the year it is. It will give you a couple of options to choose from too, so it won’t try to tell you it’s definitely a particular species of bird when it might be something similar.

Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own is possibly the best app currently available for anyone who wants to grow their own fruits and vegetables. The app will even go as far as to tell you which ones to grow depending on things like where you live and how experienced you are. You’ll learn how to grow each thing because they’ll all have different needs and you will learn about common problems you might encounter with each fruit or vegetable. The calendar on the app is also handy when you want to know what you can grow right now.


You don’t have to run to any local garden centers when you have a gardening query these days because everything can be done using your phone. If you’re looking to get started and you need a good place to gather some information you might want to download intoGardens onto your phone. It’s an interactive app and you’ll be able to touch different plants and you’ll be taught about them. There is also a section dedicated to people who want to start growing their own delicious vegetables.

Doing things the hard way is over

Never again will you have to do things the hard way thanks to these apps. They’re even better for people starting out because you’ll be able to learn everything about gardening quicker than ever before. If you think you’ll use any of these apps on a regular basis you must check them out at the very least.

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