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5 iPhone Apps That Can Help You Park Better

Parking is a big issue for anyone who lives in a large city and trying to find a parking spot can be a real problem. If you are trying to make it to the airport, it is important to make parking arrangements ahead of time so that you do not risk missing your flight. In some cases, finding a parking spot is not the end of your problems because it might mean trying to squeeze your car into a gap that you are not sure your car can fit in. Following are some apps that can help you to solve your parking problems.

  1. iCarPark

If you end up parking your car in a crowded area and you are not sure that you will be able to find it easily, iCarPark is the app for you. With this app, you can save your parking spot with a simple tap before leaving your car at the car park. The app will give you walking directions to your parked car and apart from remembering the spot; the app will also help to keep track of time if you park where there is a meter. You can also access the satellite hybrid map to help you navigate your vehicle even better.

  1. Parkbud

This iPhone App for Parking is a tool that combines functionality and great design. The car locator has great sound, animation and design and it is a parking app that will make driving convenient. Parkbud comes with a convenient map feature that is great when you want to know your location and the location of car parks nearby. You do not have to drive around looking for parking in an unfamiliar town when you have Parkbud. Apart from find parking with ease, the app will help you to find your way back.

  1. Park Smart App

This free app is simple and easy to use and it will help you to avoid parking tickets. The iPhone app uses push technology to remind you where you parked while also monitoring the meter timer. The Park Smart App has useful features and it is customized for quick usage. The useful pre-expiry alert intervals and the ability to share details of your current parking and the street rules make the app very attractive. You can add location hints including the GPS location and a photo of where you parked.

  1. iPark

If you own a Hyundai and an iPhone, the iPark app can help you to park your car. This app will help you to figure out if you can fit into the parking space you have identified. If you are unsure if the spot is adequate, you can get the help you need based on the vehicle models specific dimensions. The app will also remind you where you parked and if you need repair services, it can locate service stations nearby. This tool makes parking much easier especially for new drivers.

  1. Find My Car

If you are often forgetful, this app will help you to find where you parked your car. Find My Car app uses GPS to pinpoint the location of your car and directs you there from your current location. The app also comes with an emergency button that can allow you to send a message giving your location.

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