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6 Awesome Apps For Travel Bugs

When you decide to travel, it is important to get all the help available so that your trip can go smoothly. Technology is constantly coming up with ways to enrich lives and there are apps that can make traveling much easier. Planning a trip or vacation often requires a lot of planning but fortunately there are essential travel apps that can help and the best part is that most of them are free. There are numerous apps in the market and following are some that will prove helpful on your trip.

  1. Crackle

If you often find it difficult to find good entertainment on those long flights, all you need is Crackle. This free app is a great tool to help you pass time and you can access TV shows and full-length movies absolutely free. When you get this app, you do not have to worry about the limited entertainment options next time you fly long distance.

  1. Uber

When you finally get off the plane at your destination, the next step is to find a way to get to your hotel. With Uber, you can get cheap transfer to the hotel and you are guaranteed of getting good and qualified local drivers. Uber works with local drivers with appropriate qualifications to ensure that you get from one point to the next safely. You can get instant ETAs that will help you to track your driver’s progress.

  1. Google Translate

When traveling to a location where you do not know the local language, Google Translate can act as your interpreter. With free translations for over 80 different languages, you can get around without too much difficulty. The translations can be spoken aloud or displayed depending on your preference. If you are unsure about word use or pronunciations, the resources can be tremendously helpful.

  1. Foodspotting 

It is always important to know where to eat especially when you get to a new location. If you need a break from your sightseeing and you need to find a place to eat, Foodspotting will help you to find the best restaurant. The app acts as a visual guide to food places near or around your current location. You can entice your taste buds with the stream of photos as you find a local restaurant.

  1. Photo Editor by Aviary

You do not have to worry about capturing memories of your trip. With Photo Editor, you can take photos, enhance them with frames and unique stickers and even share them through Facebook, Instagram and other sites. Taking professional quality photos is now possible with this app.

  1. WorldMate

If you do not want the hustle of dealing with too many apps, WorldMate offers several travel services in one place. You can access features to plan, make bookings and manage your itinerary all in one place.

The days of limited information are long gone and you no longer have to wait until you get to the airport to get flight details. Technology has revolutionized how people travel and if you own a smartphone or tablet, you have all you need to access everything from hotel details to transport and communication.

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