Let Science Fiction Take Over Your Home With 5 Amazing Smart Gadgets

Home technology has changed a lot in the last few years and ever since smart gadgets started coming out it’s made us realize what is actually possible. If you don’t know about some of the technology it will certainly leave a smile on your face, so today we’re going to look at a few gadgets you should think about investing in. At the very least they’ll make your life safer and easier, so what more can you really ask for?

WeMo Smart Slow Cooker

The idea with a slow cooker is to leave everything cooking in your kitchen while you’re at work, but I know a lot of people feel uneasy about this because they don’t think it’s safe to leave appliances on when they’re not at home. You might think differently once you have a smart slow cooker because you’ll be able to keep in contact with it throughout the day using your phone. You’ll have the ability to adjust the settings and you’ll get alerts to your phone as your meal is being prepared.

Humidity Sensor & Fan Control

If you don’t want your home to suffer from condensation and nasty mold problems you’ll need to keep the humidity levels inside your home at an optimum level. If you’re like most people you won’t be able to do this on your own and it becomes a guessing game, but thanks to this new product by Leviton everything will be taken care of automatically. As soon as it senses your humidity levels are not right it will be able to activate the ventilation fan on its own to take care of the problem.

Smart LED Speaker Light

I don’t know where to start with this specially-designed bulb because it really is taking things to a new level. I suppose we can begin with the fact your Playbulbs will have speakers built into them enabling you to play music through them. They can also be set up so they switch on at a certain time and if you want woken up in the morning you can switch the music on at the same time. Instead of switching them on like a normal light bulb you can turn them on by giving your smartphone a little shake.

Nest Smoke + CO Alarm

The safety of your family is more important than anything else in the world, so if you’re going to jump on the smart gadget bandwagon a good choice to begin with would be this new smoke and carbon monoxide alarm from Nest. If it detects smoke or carbon monoxide you will be warned about it in plenty of time and it will even speak to you letting you know exactly what the problem is. If you’re just being warned because it’s detected your burned toast it’s also easy to switch off using your phone.

LeakSmart Smart Valve

This product is going to hit the shelves this year and it’s the first product that will give you the ability to shut your water off using your phone when it detects a leak. You don’t want to come home from work to find your hardwood floors are sitting underneath a pool of water and thanks to smart technology that will never happen again. Hopefully you don’t get much alerts telling you about any irregular water flow, but if you do it can be taken care of with one click of a button.

Science fiction is here

If you used to enjoy reading science fiction books when you were growing up you probably expected gadgets like these to start appearing, but did you expect them to start being released so soon? If you want to improve your home I’d definitely recommend picking up as many of them as you can afford.

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