5 Ways To Stay Cool Inside Your Home Until The Sun Disappears For Winter

Wow, it’s starting to get hot and uncomfortable right now. The sun is back and it will still be around for a while, so if you want to stay a little cooler while you’re inside your home we’re going to look at a few easy things you can do to get started.

Get your timing right

There are certain things in your home that will give off heat while they’re working. The oven is a perfect example of this and if you have your oven switched on during the day it means the inside of your home will be a lot warmer. Keep everything switched off in the kitchen during the day and when you’re cooking dinner try to wait until the sun disappears. Now you know why salads are so popular to eat for lunch when it’s hot outside, so you don’t need to starve yourself to stay cool.

Maintain your air conditioners

In a perfect world you’d install lots of ceiling fans because they’ll be a lot cheaper to run compared to air conditioners, but I know it’s easy to switch your air con unit on when the temperature inside your home starts to get too high. This will cost you lots of money in the long-run, so if you’re going to use an air conditioning unit you should make sure you maintain it properly at the very least. You will also need one good enough to deal with humidity depending on where you stay and they must run efficiently.

Tint your windows

If you are out on the road you might see lots of cars with tinted windows and 99% of the time they’re just doing this to look cool. That doesn’t mean the tinted windows don’t stop the full power of the sun’s rays from getting inside the car and the same thing will happen if you tint your windows. There is special film you can buy to carefully place over your windows creating the same effect and some of the film is so translucent you can hardly notice it and your view outside won’t be impaired.

Take advantage of trees

Hopefully you already have some large trees in your garden because they can help keep your home shaded during the summer months, but it will mean you won’t be able to cut down too many branches so the trees will be able to block as much sunlight as possible. This will mean your home won’t get as much sunlight in the winter, so because new branches can’t grow too fast you’ll need to decide whether you want a cooler home in summer or a warmer home in winter before you chop anything.

Install wooden shutters

If you have wooden shutters you will be able to keep the windows wide open when it’s really hot and the air will still be able to get inside and circulate around your room. They will still stop the sun rays from getting through so you won’t feel uncomfortable while sitting inside, plus because the windows will be open the hot air won’t be able to build up like inside a sauna. There are tons of beautiful designs to choose from and you’ll be able to pick out a set that will look great whether they’re open or closed.

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