5 Best Android Apps To Help You Prepare For Your Overseas Vacations

When preparing for your overseas vacation, you need to make sure that you plan all the details to avoid anything that can run your vacation. The good news is that there are apps that can help you with all the planning details and you can ensure that you have a smooth trip. Whatever help you need, there is an app out there for you. Following are some of the best Android travel apps that will make planning your overseas vacation a breeze.

  1. TripIt

Travel planning involves many details and this app will help to ensure that you get to your destination with no problems. The app will help with everything from planning flights, getting taxis, hotel reservations and booking rental cars among other details. TripIt will help you to organize all your documents ensuring that you have everything that you need in one place. You can have all your reservations sent automatically to TripIt, so that you can see all the details and travel confirmations.

  1. FlightAware

This free app will allow you to keep track of flights online. You can access a live map of the flights and check for delays and cancellations. You can also find out gate charges and with the app, you can avoid wasting time and ensure that you are prepared for your flight when you get to the airport.

  1. Hotel Tonight

This is a popular app that will help to ensure that you have a roof over your head when you get to your destination. With Hotel Tonight, you can make same-day or last minute reservations starting as early as 9:00am. With links to hotels all over the world, you can be sure of getting accommodation in different destinations. This is a convenient option if you have to make a quick trip out of the country.

  1. Kayak

This app from the popular travel website is one of the most widely used apps out there. With Kayak, you will find it easy to book flights and hotels, enhancing your travel plans. The app provides a comparison of hundreds of travel sites and this means that you can shop for the best rates when making bookings.

  1. Hailo

When travelling to different overseas destinations, you will at some point need to use a taxi. Whether you need transport from the airport to your hotel or to different locations within the country, you will need a taxi. Trying to hail a cab in a foreign country can be difficult and it helps to know that there is an app that can help. Hailo is a user-friendly app that uses GPS to ensure that the taxis come to you.

There are other travel apps out there including and mTrip that provide guides to cities across the world. Using the apps will help to ensure that you can get the information or help that you need, wherever you may be. The apps make travelling overseas less daunting than it would be for a first time traveler. You can get a customized travel itinerary that will help to ensure that you enjoy your vacation!

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