OnePlus makes fun of Pixel 4’s 90Hz issue, gets cold feet and deletes tweet

Smartphone giants OnePlus and Google were caught in an internet spat when OnePlus decided to make fun of Google phones while referencing the Pixel 4’s refresh rate problem.

Through this tweet, OnePlus is trying to praise their phone’s ability to work with a 90Hz display fast and smooth, anytime, anywhere. The tweet refers to several brightness levels to ascertain to the readers that OnePlus phones can maintain a consistent refresh rate.

The Pixel 4, instead of 90Hz, now works with 60Hz when the display brightness is below 75%. This issue is due to be fixed by Google in upcoming updates, and OnePlus took the opportunity. In a surprise move, though, OnePlus also deleted the tweet a few minutes after they posted it. The internet had already taken screenshots and we have the receipt to prove it.

Strange as it may seem, OnePlus deleting the tweet is not without reason. This could be because OnePlus phones don’t actually run at 90Hz ‘anytime, anywhere.’ Only the OnePlus 7 Pro, 7T, and 7T Pro sustain 90Hz refresh rates. When the issue came to light in the Google phone, the OnePlus models were checked for dropping rates with changing brightness. The OnePlus 7T’s stuck with their rate of refreshing in changing brightness levels, while other devices did not sustain. Not all applications support the 90Hz refresh rates and so sometimes, even OnePlus phones show 60Hz refresh rates.

There is one way to impose the 90Hz for all applications but it is not recommended as it causes severe battery drainage.

So, OnePlus finally did delete the mocking tweet. Perhaps they did this out of fear that the comments section would unleash hell on them, or maybe it was to maintain amicable relations with Google, the father of the OnePlus Oxygen Operating System. We may never know!

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