Microsoft admits Android is the best operating system for mobile devices

Panos Panay, the chief product officer of Microsoft Devices, spoke at the flagship store in London, admitting that the company will be using Android on its Surface Duo phone because it is the best operating system for their kind of product. Google’s Android is one of Microsoft’s biggest rivals in the industry, with Microsoft trying to overtake Android’s business with its Microsoft Windows Mobile.

While this phone does not exist any longer, updating the OS and using it for the Surface Duo would have been easy. However, Microsoft has opted for the more popular Android system and is being honest about their choice. They have admitted that competing with Android is hard as it is one of the most used operating systems across the glove, a spot Windows OS once possessed exclusively. The failed Windows 10 phone was a humbling experience which they do not wish to relive. Panay described that the move came to meet customers where they already were.

The dual-screen laptop called Surface Neo, however, uses the Windows OS which Microsoft says is the best for this product.

Upgradable future

In the next few years, Microsoft intends to make all its products serviceable. The Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop 3 will be easily upgraded and fixed according to Microsoft. For instance, the removable SSD can be replaced easily.

Microsoft has been criticized for not making devices that can be opened up, making them inconvenient, and expensive. Customers and third parties will now be able to replace and fix Microsoft components.

The Surface Pro tabs and all-in-ones of the future will benefit greatly from the serviceability of the products. This will help them become more sustainable and reduce carbon footprints.

They are also reducing the cost of sending and then receiving your product when it needs fixing, saving hundreds of dollars in the long run.

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