iPhone Feature Request: Copy ‘Skip Lock Screen’ feature from Google’s Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4’s Face Unlock tech may be less secure than the iPhone Face ID, but it has one feature to trump its competitors – the Skip Lock Screen option. Google has been requested to include this feature in their next update, and they are finally listening. The Face ID Require Attention Feature is soon to come to the Pixel series.

Similar to the Apple phones, Google’s new smartphone can be unlocked by your face. However, it is set in a way that even if you are asleep, the lock gives way, making the device vulnerable to theft and privacy concerns. With iPhones, a Requires Attention toggle exists which only lets the phone unlock if the eyes on your face are open. This means that you must be looking at the screen when unlocking the phone. One part of this feature will be coming to Google phones soon.

Google has said that the tech giant has been working on an option for a user to need to have their eyes open for unlocking for a while. Though no indication has been made of whether the eyes will need to be looking at the screen or not, the basic feature will be coming to Google phones.

A feature of the Pixel that Apple can copy is the ability to unlock the phone when it is picked up. The iPhone face unlock requires a gesture swipe to be activated before unlocking. While the Apple experience is a number of steps, Pixel is a more seamless experience. Some objections have arisen about needing a lock screen to perform functions like notification display.

The feature can be used to check notifications before unlocking the phone as well. If there are no new notifications, then the screen can be unlocked within a second of looking at it.


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