Samsung launches Android 10 beta for Galaxy S10 devices

Samsung’s Android 10 beta tester version has been released for Galaxy S10 devices. This version includes revamped versions of the One UI software from earlier in the year. The press release that announced this launch said that the new version included smaller notifications and a Dark Mode enhancer along with a Focus Mode.

A beta testing version will be made available to select users of Galaxy S10 users in the US from today. This should become available in Korea and Germany. If you wish to know if you have access to this, you must log in to the Samsung Members application and look for a notification about the beta version. This will be available to the Samsung Galaxy S10E, S10, S10 Plus, and 5G devices.

However, installing this software onto your phones should be done after careful thought as it is still in its testing phase.

The South Korean phone maker has been slower in bringing in the latest Android to its devices. In 2018, Android 9 beta versions were not available to Samsung users till November, and even then the software was not released till January 2019. A mid-October release is a quick pace for Samsung as Android 10 was only released a month and a half ago!

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