Pixel 4 Recorder app can transcribe speech in real-time without an internet connection

Google’s new voice recorder is debuting as an application on the Pixel 4. As usual as the app sounds, it contains some features to set it apart from others in its league. Named Recorder, the app can record and transcribe its contents. This is an unconventional feature for a free application and helps with creating transcripts in real-time without sending data to the internet.

Google has not made a recorder application before now and its absence has been notable on the Pixel phone. This could be helped by using a downloaded application, but an in-built feature works best for everyone.

The new Recorder application by Google seems to push beyond the limits of an ordinary application. Apple’s Voice Memo application simply records memos and stores them for playback. While transcription applications are not new to the market, with Otter taking the cake, Google’s Recorder could change the way things work. It does not require a server to transcript your memos, which ordinarily lengthens the time taken through uploading on a third party and then processing the data.

With Recorder, google will be able to do it all on-device all thanks to the new processing language which has allowed them to shrink sounds like applause or languages. This is currently a limited feature on the Pixel 4.

The application looks impressive in the live demo which transcribed the speaker’s audio to pat.

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