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Google will replace Home devices bricked due to latest firmware update

If you have been facing issues with your Google Home Mini, or if it has stopped working recently, you are in luck. Google will most likely replace your item.

With a large number of complaints about the Google Homes and Google Home Minis crowding up the Google support forum. These reports have doubled in number since September. It is not clear what is causing the issue but Google has acknowledged that a problem does exist.

They also seem to have found a fix for the problem. In a statement, Google mentioned that the problem with the Google Homes and Google Home Minis is caused by an error in automatic firmware updates. The bug-fixing update is in the works and will be delivered to your device soon. This fix-up will also prevent these issues from cropping up in the near future. The company has also promised that they will be replacing the affected gadgets even if they are past their warranty periods.

The tech giant has said that a small number of Google Home devices have been affected by this bug which is causing the device to brick up and stop working. Google has a solution that will fix the bug on the cards, that will soon see the light of day. In addition, they will replace any machines that have been affected irrespective of their warranty. Could there be any better news? We think not!

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