iPhone: iPhone 11 Pro Max battles the Galaxy Note 10+ in a battery test, and the winner is clear

The new iPhones released by Apple in September have surprised customers with their physical designs leaked ahead of time. The next-gen of A13 bionic processors in these phones pack 20% more power than the previous models and permit performance enhancements in the newest series like battery life. YouTube channel Phonebuff, designed a challenge which simulated a real-life smartphone usage for one hour to see if the phone was worth its weight using a chatbot and custom scripts, along with a robotic arm.

The rest consists of one hour sessions where the phone is tested to see how it handles browser pages, calls, emails, and other functions. A battery test is taken by putting the phone on a 16-hour standby. In this test, the Galaxy Note 10+ is competing with the iPhone.

The first test is a phone call test. In this test, both phones were put up with a one-hour phone call. The iPhone lost 1% battery whereas the Note 10+ lost 5%. The next few tests, such as the messaging, email and browser tests along with the Instagram scrolling normally experienced, the iPhone battery remained ahead of the Note 10+. It is important to note that the iPhone has a 4000 mAh battery, whereas the Galaxy has 4300 mAh.

The testing finishes with comparisons of the browser usage and Instagram battery draining. The iPhone remains 8% ahead of the Note 10+. Once the full 16-hour battery standby is completed, only 6% battery is lost on the iPhone while the Galaxy loses 10%.

Gaming kept the batteries surprisingly intact, with one hour of Alto’s Adventure showed only one percent of difference in batteries. Towards the end, the 11 Pro Max managed to stay awake for some more time while the Note 10+ had run out of battery.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes out on top as the first phone of the channel to get to the app cycle test where various apps are closed and opened rapidly until the phone dies. This lasted for one hour and five minutes, and then the iPhone ran out of battery.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max battery lasted for 27 hours and five minutes while the Note 10+ only got 25 hours and 3 minutes. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is at the top of battery rankings.

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