Top 5 Reasons Americans Should Love Canada

America’s relationship with Canada has been pretty solid over the last century. We have had our ups and downs, like any other set of neighbours, but Americans and Canadians have always been pretty supportive of one another. That is a good thing. Why? Because Canada has a lot to offer the US.

Whether or not you have ever been north of the border, you cannot deny that Canada is one of our most important allies. They are also our closest international friend. For that reason alone, we should make an effort to stay on good terms. But above and beyond just being neighbours, below are the top five reasons Americans should love Canada.

1. Ice Hockey

Certain countries seem to excel at certain types of sports. The dominant country in hockey is Canada. Thank goodness for that. With pro football becoming nearly unwatchable these days, hockey is a fantastic alternative that gives fans of rough-and-tumble sports something to tune into.

North American hockey is considerably more physical than its European counterpart. Where European leagues emphasize skating and puck handling, Canadian and US leagues combine those two disciplines with a level of physical contact not seen anywhere else in the world. If you are tired of pro football, give pro hockey a try.

2. Online Pharmacies

If unwatchable football wasn’t bad enough, Americans also have to deal with unaffordable prescription medications. Drug prices in this country are constantly going up. So much so that consumers are having a harder time affording medications without comprehensive prescription coverage. Canadian pharmacies have stepped in to save the day.

Canada Pharmacy is one example. As an online operation, they sell exclusively to American consumers. Americans can get many of the same medications for a fraction of what they pay here in the States.

3. Murdoch Mysteries

Fans of murder mysteries should get their hands on all 13 seasons of Murdoch Mysteries, a Canadian TV drama that currently airs on CBC. The show centres around an innovative detective at the turn of the 20th century, a detective who solves cases using emerging forensic skills. Murdoch Mysteries is to TV shows what Canada Pharmacy is to prescription drugs: simply better.

4. Michael J. Fox, Mike Myers, at Al

Canada has produced some incredibly talented actors over the years. At the top of the list is Michael J. Fox, star of the hit TV series Family Ties, the Back to the Future film series, and dozens of other projects. Now struggling with Parkinson’s disease, Fox was one of the most respected actors in his prime.

Mike Myers is another Canadian-born actor who has made a definite impact on television and the silver screen. From Saturday Night Live to the Shrek franchise and his iconic Wayne’s World characters, Myers has entertained audiences since the mid-1970s.

5. Winter Snow

You owe a big debt of gratitude to Canada if you are a fan of winter snow. Much of the snow that falls in the US is the product of cold arctic air coming out of Canada. That cold air meets with moist air travelling west from off the Pacific, to create snowstorms.

Why do they rarely see snow in the South? Because the cold arctic air usually doesn’t travel that far. But in northern states, Canada passes along the frigid air in abundance. The result is an annual winter wonderland perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and sleigh rides complete with horses wearing jingling bells.

From hockey to online pharmacies and snow, our northern neighbour sends a lot our way. Most of it is good. For that we should be grateful.

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