Top Factors To Consider Before You Invest In Bunk Beds

Whoever plans to renovate kids’ rooms always think about purchasing bunk beds. Yes, these bunk beds are an integral part of children bedroom furniture. Some people drop this idea because they feel that purchasing this type of bed is a bit tricky and they would like to stick to the conventional beds. This is true to some extent as well. You need to consider the safety of your children as well apart from the overall look of these beds.

How to begin

Before you head towards the market for purchasing bunk beds, it is very important that you do your homework first. You need to determine your needs first and then see which style of bunk beds match your requirements. These beds are generally ideal for those rooms that have less space. If your kids have a big room, then it might not be a good idea to invest in the bunk beds. When you measure your space for the bed, make sure to check the ceiling height as well. The ideal space between the bunk beds is almost two feet to prevent the bumps. On average, the height of bunk beds is around six feet.

Look for the right type

Bunk beds are available in different types and designs and you can easily select the ones which match your needs and requirements. On the whole, bunk beds are divided into two broad categories:

  • Basic bunk beds
  • Lofted bunk beds

Basic bunk beds are available as twin-over-full and twin-over-twin beds whereas lofted beds are available as lofted bed over a futon and lofted bed over a study center. There are some configurations that provide triple sleeping options as well. This is an ideal solution for homes where three children sleep in one room. You just need to determine your needs before you make any purchase.

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