How can you find cheap movers in North York?

Are you planning a move to North York and are looking for cheap movers to hire? Then this article is for you. Way back when, North York used to be an independent city. Now it is a district of Toronto, but we honestly doubt there are any people truly affected by this change. A large community that offers lots of opportunities and choices to all its inhabitants – that is how we would describe North York. Lots of people chose this place as their new home, and we definitely understand why. The multiculturalism and dynamic vibe of the place make it ideal for basically everyone. And the first service you will require when you move is going to be cheap movers in North York. So here are our tips for finding them!

Almost 1,000,000 people of all ages live in North York. There are good schools – from primary to universities – and the real estate seems to definitely know what dynamism means. New houses are built every year in North York, and lots of jobs are available at all times for people in the search of a turn or change in their career. Knowing that the average Canadian moves a few times in their lifetime, you can bet moving companies in North York are busy bees! At least at Let’s Get Moving, we definitely know what a moving season in North York looks like! So how can you know you are finding the best cheap movers in North York, out of all those options available?

Know what you want

A basic Google search will retrieve the results to the questions that bother you, as long as you know what those questions are. What we mean to say is that simply googling “North York cheap movers” will not help enough unless you know what you want. And we don’t mean just the financial part – although that one is important, as well. First of all, set a budget. It is not the same thing to spend $700 or $2800. Secondly, make a list of priorities that are absolute musts for you. Maybe you don’t have the time to pack and want your movers to take care of this aspect. Or maybe you want specialized piano movers. Whatever the case, know for sure what the specifics of your move will be. The search for cheap movers in North York becomes way easier once you get this straight. You should also know that there are days / occasions where the prices are significantly decreased, so keep this in mind. Maybe even ask the operators about these special discounts. They will make cheap movers in North York become even cheaper, without losing anything on the professional side.

Look for recommendations

In the ideal situation, you have someone familiar to ask about whether the movers they hired in North York were professional and also cheap. But if you are moving to North York from elsewhere and you don’t really have anyone close in the city, there is really no one to ask. Luckily, though, there are actually many people to ask for recommendations and read the opinions of. Just not in person, but online. Get online and start reading reviews! Negative, positive, neutral, you name it! The reviews left by customers will let you know your North York movers are cheap, reputable, reliable, professional, efficient, etc. Platforms such as Google, Facebook, and HomeStars also have average ratings based on the opinions of all customers who leave their rating. This is a great tool for determining whether or not you should consider a certain moving company. If there are too many red flags, back away! If not, you can make a short list of the best cheap movers in North York, and then choose the absolute favourite from the list. Just make sure you don’t fall into the classic trap where you only check the reviews your movers received on their own website! Go to an external, independent from the company platform instead!

Ask for cost estimates

What one considers to be cheap movers in North York, another might consider a relatively expensive moving company. It is really up to you to decide what works for you. After all, you are the one who knows your budget and your spending limits. What moving companies can do is provide you with their cost estimates. Make sure there are no hidden costs involved, so that the estimate you get is as exact as possible. For the same reason, make sure you describe your needs and the inventory as clearly as possible. This way, what you see is what you get and there are no disappointments in the end. Most moving companies in North York will provide you with a free cost estimate, so get in touch with them and find the most suitable cheap movers in North York!

At Let’s Get Moving, we help people relocate in North York and everywhere else in the movers Toronto area. We provide state-of-the-art moving services at affordable costs, which makes us some of the best and most wanted cheap movers in North York. Our costs are calculated per hour and our rate is fully-inclusive. As for the movers in our team, there are no words to describe how amazing they are. You will see for yourself.

Get in touch today and get your free estimate!

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