Styling Your Polo T-shirts: Five Ideas To Make You Stand Out

The classic polo t-shirt has been a menswear staple for the longest time now. It has always been the reliable and safe bet that men go back to when the look of the day gets hard to decide. But how about thinking off the beaten path when it comes to styling your favorite polo t-shirts? How about teaming it with suits, shorts, and what-not? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well, read on to find more of such trendy styling ideas for your polo t-shirts.

Top five styling ideas for your polo t-shirts

1.  Keep the buttons open

The collar of your polo t-shirts should be always left open (unless there is a dress code or you’re in an Indie band). Pair your open-collar polos with loafers and chinos to make a style statement. You can pair it with high-tops and light-wash jeans, and you are good to go. However, the polo and the innerwear must fit you perfectly because otherwise, it will just look uncomfortable.

2.  Mix and match your polos with suits

Considered individually, polo t-shirts and suits are the standard occupants of any man’s wardrobe. But when you bring this men t-shirt with your suit, they showcase the classic example of how to use classic pieces in innovative ways. It is easy to style a suit with a polo: start with a grey, black, or navy suit and wear it with a polo.

3.  Go for a neutral color combination

The Spring Summer season adds a bit of glow to almost everyone’s face due to the nice tan that builds up. You can use this time to lighten up the polo game. However, simply because you are wearing a white or grey polo t-shirt, do not instinctively reach out for dark trousers. Go for white or cream chinos and complete the look with leather trainers.

4.   Pair the polos with pleats

Wearing polo t-shirts with pleated trousers reminds you of stalwarts like Fred Astaire and Cary Grant. When you tuck the polos in pleated trousers, its reputation for being off-duty, lazy clothing is done away with. Keep in mind that your pleated trousers should have a slimmer fit and go for trainers and not smart shoes. Also, make sure you invest in quality briefs for men to ensure total comfort.

5.  Prints and piping to the rescue

If the same old monotoned polo t-shirts look boring to you, go for something with prints and piping. Polo t-shirts with prints near the shoulders look cool. Similarly, piping at the cuffs of polo has become a cult classic these days. Pair it with grey or dark trousers for your look of the day.

Wrapping up

As you can see, there are more ways to style a polo t-shirt than you thought of. In fact, it is that piece of clothing that can go from reliable and safe to edgy and cool in seconds, provided you style it right. So, which of these five ideas are you trying out first?

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