3 Popular Italian Restaurants In Vaughan

An occasional visit to a good restaurant can offer a great break from the monotony of cooking meals at home. If you choose to dine out, make sure to choose a restaurant that is highly recommended in your area, and in this case, in Italy. Italian restaurants are best known for their great meals. However, if you have no knowledge of Italian diet, it is advisable to find an authentic Italian restaurant.

The restaurant should have a great reputation of offering the perfect flavors in Italy and by reading through the customer feedback; you will have an idea of what you will be getting. If you live in, or are visiting the Vaughan area, you will discover many Italian restaurants. If you are looking for an Italian restaurant in Vaughan, consider:

  • II Cavallino Ristorante

II Cavallino Ristorante is an Italian type restaurant, which began its operations in 1990. Since then, the restaurant has evolved from a family oriented staff to a reputable fine Italian restaurant in York Region. II Cavallino Ristorante is an award-winning restaurant that offers fine dining, an impressive wine selection, lunch, and free parking. Its seafood and steaks have no match.

  • Castello Ristorante Antico

Castello Ristorante Antico has a large reception and intimate lunches and dinners. It is recommended for its piano bar, homemade food, and wine. Furthermore, Friday and Saturday offer live music, allowing diners to enjoy great Italian cuisine in a perfect, intimate setting. The popular creations of Salmone al Limone, consisting of Roasted Potatoes and Grilled Salmon Steak dipped in Chardonay Lemon Sauce, is a must have. Furthermore, the Grill, Pizza, and Seafood offered at the restaurant are great.

  • Villaggio Ristorante

Located in the alluring town of Kleinburg, Villaggio Ristorante is recommended for its superb meals. The restaurant is popular for its contemporary and welcoming environment and extensive menu consisting of unique dishes that have been prepared using fresh ingredients. Some of the popular menus available in this restaurant are Mediterranean menus, Seafood and Pizza. Its features include Award Winning, daily specials, catering, events, and extensive wine list.


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