Here Is Why You Should Invest In Gold Jewelry!

Gold jewelry is recommended highly for its aesthetic value and other benefits, since it allows owners to store wealth in the form of jewelry. Therefore, you can enjoy your jewelry knowing too well you are in fact securing your future against the vagaries of inflation with gold. Any time you get to wear your jewelry, you get to know where your gold is. Moreover, gold jewelry, such as gold plated rings, bracelets and earrings offer a valuable and beautiful gift between important people.

  • A good investment

Gold jewelry offers a higher retail price compared to the price of gold bullion. Furthermore, gold jewelry can be transported easily, allowing you to carry it along with you wherever you go. Any time you want to invest in gold jewelry, remember the greater the karat the more the gold in the jewelry. Therefore, for purposes of investment, 18-karat (i.e. 75% gold) to 24-karat (i.e. 99.99% gold) is recommended.

Furthermore, a balance is required between a high gold percentage and durability. A piece of gold jewelry that is worn regularly, such as a gold ring, can wear thin readily if made using 24 karat gold. On the other hand, a piece of gold jewelry that is worn occasionally and/or protected by clothing, such as a gold necklace and gold brooch can be made using 24 karat.

  • Owning gold jewelry

There are different ways to buy gold jewelry, including buying existing jewelry or opting for custom made jewelry. Old or new gold jewelry can be purchased from any gold jewelers, people who offer two main types of jewelry, the ones that are mass-produced and those that come in a limited edition. Nevertheless, the reputation of the jeweler often influences the price of the jewelry. Furthermore, some countries have a reputation of making high quality gold jewelry.

Old gold jewelry is known to have a higher value as collectors’ items or antiques. When buying gold jewelry, it is advisable to consider the mark that grants information about the karat, country and design house. If you have gold bullion in your possession, you can contact a reputable jeweler to convert some of your stock into gold jewelry. This grants you the ideal opportunity to have a say into the design.



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