Cool Ways To Increase Your Facebook Engagement Success

If you are currently using the mighty Facebook to promote interest in your business, how is it working out for you so far? Because we all know about the billion plus users who frequent this massive social media platform on a daily basis, but how many are reading your stuff? Using social media for these means isn’t as straightforward as many happen to think, so we’ve listed a few ways that could help your content reach the market that matters the most to you. The key word here is ‘engage’ and if you are failing to achieve that, then your entire efforts are probably wasted. So sit back for a few minutes and let us help you to help your content make some real difference.

Engagement 101

In order to engage, you first need to understand what this phrase actually means as far as social media is concerned. As soon as a reader claps eyes on your article, video, or whatever content you decide to upload, they are starting to engage with it. Once they decide to click on the like button, the real business begins. Okay, a ‘like’ is probably on the lower end of the scale as far as engagement is concerned, but at least it is something. What you are really looking for here is for a dialogue to begin, and eventually a ‘share’ or two. You could have the best copy in the word but if your audience are not even bothering to read it, then you may as well go elsewhere.

Posting 101

So now you know about engagement, how can you ensure that your posts are hitting the mark? Well, it does help if you send out your posts when your audience are online and ready for some engaging content. The only sure fire way to hit these targets is by researching their habits. You can send out a questionnaire or simply hang around your page for a day or so and see who is online.

Length Matters

Despite the rumours, bigger is not always better and that is the case for Facebook postings. In fact, research has suggested that a post with less than 80 characters has a 27% higher engagement rate than lengthier examples. Just think about how you feel when you are faced with a huge page of text and then you’ll be able to understand how you should construct a short and snappy one instead.


Do a little study and work out which keywords get the most responses, there are plenty of reliable sources for this online. Start to include these into your headings and text body and pretty soon you will be seeing far higher engagement as a result. If you are looking to hit the rma mortgages market, ensure that your posts are aimed towards the keywords that make up that demographics’ interest. The best content writers do not hit their targets by accident, they do all of the hard work and sit back when the rewards come flowing in!

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