Great Examples of Tech and Nature Working Together

Traditionally we often think of technology and nature as being mutually exclusive. Worse, we often think of them as being ‘enemies’ in some way. This is perhaps no surprise seeing as many people believe that cars have practically destroyed our atmosphere, but it’s also something of a shame when you also consider how much good technology can and does do for the environment in many cases. Read on then and we will look at some of the best examples of technology and nature working hand-in-hand for the betterment of everyone.

Green Energy

Of course the top item on this list should be technology designed to provide us with green energy, thus putting an end to our reliance on fossil fuels. In most cases the technology used to provide green energy is far superior to the technology used to supply energy otherwise, to the extent that we may one day look back and laugh at how primitive our current sources of energy are. These are feats of incredible engineering that often involve ingenious solutions – such as the ‘wave snake’ which gets energy from moving on top of waves in the ocean. Electric cars should of course also get a mention here, as should solar charging for the home.


We all know how important recycling is, but obviously it would be nearly impossible to recycle as much as we do if it wasn’t for the technology available to us. This is a huge undertaking that is only possible thanks to conveyor systems that do it all for us.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing means manufacturing that doesn’t require much in the way of human input and instead relies on computerised machines that read instructions and files. This results in far more precise cutting and use of material, which greatly reduces the amount of material that gets wasted.

GM Crops

GM crops get a lot of bad press, but in fact the promise of them is fantastic for the environment if we get it right. That’s because it can help crops to survive under harsher conditions and this could possibly help us to avoid wasting land and resources when farming.

Sprinkler Systems

You also see examples of tech working to the benefit of nature when you look around your own home or workplace. A good example of one of these everyday scenarios is <a href=””>garden sprinklers</a> which simply automate the act of sprinkling your lawn or that at your office so you don’t have to. You could even say that automatic plant watering devices fall into this category. At the other end of the spectrum meanwhile though are things like small biospheres that allow for more interesting crops to grow. One day technology like this could help us to bring oxygen to other planets!

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows businesses to carry out meetings over thousands of miles without having to be there in person. This of course saves them from having to fly to their locations, which not only saves them money, but also saves fuel and helps the environment. In the future this technology might be replaced by virtual reality, allowing you to feel as though you really are in the same room as the person you’re talking to. Add in motion sensing and you could very well one day see a doctor without leaving your house which would save vast amounts of energy.

So there you have it, technology really isn’t just ‘bad’ for the environment – it all depends on the way it’s used. In fact technology in many cases helps us to take better care of the environment and as it progresses this will only improve. One day we might have an entirely artificial atmosphere and be able to bring extinct species back from the dead!

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