5 Home Fitness Gadgets That Could Help You Live Longer By Improving Your Health

As you get older you start to realize a few important things. The obvious one is that you need to improve your health because it’s maybe slipped away a little over the years. The other thing you realize is that commercial gyms aren’t needed and you can become healthier at home. Before you can do that you might need some help, so we’re going to look at a few gadgets worth looking into.

A rebounder

If you don’t know what a rebounder is it’s essentially a small trampoline and the idea is to bounce up and down on it for as long as possible until those extra few pounds of body fat you’re carrying start to melt away. A lot of people find it difficult to build up the motivation to go out running and they find it boring to spend 30 minutes on an exercises bike in their living room, but who will ever get bored of jumping up and down? It’s one of the most exciting ways in the world to stay healthy.

A BOSU ball

Take an exercise ball and chop it in half then you’ll be left with a BOSU ball. It’s one of the best pieces of kit to keep in your home and it’s small so can be tucked away anywhere when you’re finished using it. Not only will exercising with it every day help you lose weight, but it can also help you correct any postural imbalances you’re suffering from. If you search on YouTube you will find thousands of videos detailing everything you can do once you have it set up in your home gym.

A suspension trainer

If you have been keeping an eye on the fitness industry over the last few years you’ll know the TRX suspension trainer has been increasing in popularity. You can hang it from anywhere and it will allow you to do lots of different exercises and plenty of them will be able to help you build lots of strength and muscle, so you won’t even want to step foot inside a gym. If you can’t afford the TRX you can always opt for a cheaper pair of gymnastic rings which work equally as well.

A tanning bed

When you’re walking along the beach with your shift off it feels great when your skin is a lovely shade of brown, but as soon as you’re back from your holiday it doesn’t take long until you look like a ghost again. Some people might say tanning beds aren’t healthy, but they are in their own unique way. If you feel great you will obviously be less likely to suffer from mental problems and if you have your own bed at home you won’t need to visit the tanning salons in your local area.

Nike+ FuelBand

I know you’ll find lots of these on the market at the moment because everyone is snapping them up, but you always know you can count on a company like Nike to deliver the goods. There isn’t much point in training if you don’t have any way to track progress because you’ll soon get bored when you don’t notice any obvious improvements. Sync the band with the app and you’ll get all the data you need and your results will improve once you know what you need to beat to keep making progress.

Don’t waste another day

Nobody knows how long they’ve got left on the planet, but we do know there is a big possibility we’ll live longer if we can somehow improve our health. The gadgets I’ve talked about today will let you do that in one way or another, so if you want to extend your life it might be worth picking a few of them up.

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