3 Popular Services That Most Security Guards Provide

Security guards are a common sight in shopping malls, on the streets and in office buildings. A security guard’s main objective is to keep objects, items or places secure and ensure no unauthorized individual passes through or gains unauthorized access to the aforementioned. The role of a security guard has expanded vastly over the years and do read on to know what are the 3 popular services that a security guard is able to provide!

Access control

A security guard’s primary role is to provide access control. Access control refers to having a form of security monitoring system in place through mechanical, digital or visual means. This inspection determines if an individual is allowed access to an area, item or service based on the individual’s credentials, role or status. For instance, a security guard may allow a fellow security guard into the mall operations room but restrict a visitor from doing so. The guard may also patrol the area to facilitate general security surveillance.

Crowd control

Security guards also provide crowd control. For instance, security guards may be deployed to an area that holds large crowds, such as a stadium holding a football game or to a concert. Security guards provide crowd control by dispersing large groups of people and ensuring that they move to the exit or entrance swiftly so as to prevent a chokepoint. They also assist in directing people to places as well as informing them about temporary closure of roads or lanes.

Traffic control

Traffic control is another common service that security guards provide. A traffic light may break down and a batch of security guards may be deployed to the area to provide traffic control. These guards will help to direct traffic, acting as a human traffic light with the intention to keep traffic disruption at a minimum level while the electricians work to restore service and complete the repair works.

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