How To Approach Consistent Brand Identity Development For The New Age Start-up Entrepreneur

 For every industry, you can think of, there some brands that come to mind instantly. These brands have developed their identity to the point that the industry becomes synonymous to their names. To approach such a consistent brand development you should start planning right from the launch of your new start-up.

Why you need a memorable brand identity

Every business often understands that there is a non-tangible value to their marketing approach. Evolving an emotional relationship with the audience is important to cut back on marketing costs in the future. For companies with a unique product or service, developing a brand identity will pay off hugely as a long-term plan. In a competitive industry, sometimes the difference between a marketing objective and a converted sales objective is a well thought out brand identity.

Calculating audience perceptions

As mentioned, brand identity is hugely dependent on audience perceptions. It is therefore extremely important to be thorough when choosing your audience demographics. It pays to go to the trouble of creating semi real audience personas as a marker for your audiences. It will help you answer important tactical questions – Who will search for your product online? What is your target audience looking for in a product line similar to yours?

Market research, surveys and online analytics are your best tools for gathering relevant data in this regards.

Consistency is the key – think long term!

Remember with branding consistency is extremely important. You should plan your processes for colour harmony on various ad platforms, logo design for various platforms, online and offline representation before you even initiate the first steps of your branding. While rebranding might be necessary at some point to keep up with the evolving industry trends, you should have a futuristic approach to begin with. The logo design, company name and the motto or feel of the company should remain consistent to ring true with your audiences for a long time.

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