Have You Seen These Types Of Bodyguards In Action?

Bodyguards put simply, are professional individuals protecting civilians! Bodyguards provide an additional layer of safety and security  to the person they are assigned to guard and protect. The aims of bodyguards are to ensure that the individual they are protecting, is to receive no harm at all costs! For instance, bodyguards may step into a room before anyone else to ensure that the room is clear of danger and safe! Some bodyguards make their presence known while others prefer to lay low to avoid detection. Read on to know more on how bodyguards are used!

Close protection

The first kind of bodyguard provides close protection. This means that the bodyguard is always with the individual. These bodyguards usually wear security uniforms or tuxedos but may be clad in home clothes too. The guard follows the individual wherever he or she goes and the guards intentionally make their presence known so that bystanders or onlookers will be less likely to try something funny! These bodyguards send a strong message to everyone that they are here to protect. These security guards may also possess firearms or batons, but will only use it if the need arises.

Unobtrusive distant protection

This is the second type of bodyguard. Instead of providing close protection, the guard stays away at a convenient distance. The objective behind unobtrusive distant protection is to provide some security while keeping it low profile. The guard will also be dressed in civilian wear and will act like any other pedestrian roaming the streets. There are many individuals who prefer this kind of protection as they would like to enjoy some freedom while knowing that they are safe and protected. They may also wish to keep a low profile and not draw attention to themselves.

Similar to the guards providing close protection, undercover bodyguards may also possess firearms which may be used only in exceptional circumstances.


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