3 Popular Flooring Materials That You Can Use For Your New Home

There are a variety of flooring materials that are available for homes. Each material is unique in its design, price, looks and features. Choosing a good flooring material increases the value of your home and increases the resale value when you decide to sell it! Here are the top 3 popular flooring materials that you can use for your home’s construction or renovation.

Hardwood flooring

This is the preferred choice of flooring for many homeowners. Hardwood flooring is beautiful, attractive, appealing and durable all at the same time. Types of hardwood flooring materials include, but are not limited to maple, pecan, oak and pine. Hardwood flooring is long-lasting and can be covered with a water-resistant surface too. Do note that some types of hardwood darken with age and shrink, possibly creating gaps in the surface. They may not be the cheapest flooring option but they sure are one of the most popular choices around.

Ceramic and clay flooring

Ceramic and clay floor tiles are also a common sight in homes. Ceramic and clay floor tiles are made from clay that is quarried, prepared and then formed into a lump. The lump is then forced into a mold and pressure is applied to the mold which shapes the tile. Ceramic and clay flooring are visually appealing and affordable. However, ceramic tiles with a high gloss finishing are susceptible to scratches over time. It is also observed that ceramic or clay tiles in porcelain color are the best for hiding scratches.

Bamboo flooring

Considered as a new addition to the list of existing flooring types, bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly solution for flooring. It is durable, elegant and appealing. Its style and design fits many homes and blends well with various interior styles and designs. Bamboo is strong but may be weaken when exposed to excessive amounts of moisture for long periods. It may also darken over time when exposed to the rays of direct sunlight.

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