3 Often Encountered Gas Grill Problems And How To Resolve Them

Everyone encounters some kind of problems with their products, items or equipment occasionally. It is actually a common sight. BBQ lovers are no exception and may run into problems with their gas grills too! Here are 3 common gas grill problems that may surface from time to time and what you can do on your part to resolve them!

A consistently low or weak flame

Users may have experienced this problem where the flame continues to stay weak even though the grill is set to high. Users can check the Venturi tubes for any obstruction and alignment issues as well as to ensure that the gas pipe is not leaking. Align the tubes and gas pipes if they are out of place and remember to contact a certified staff to do so for safety purposes! You may want to observe how the grill burns, as the owner’s grill may have a clogged burner if some parts of the grill do not receive any flame.

A yellow or orange flame

The flame of a gas grill should be blue with yellow tips. If not, the gas pipe may be clogged and the Venturi tubes may be improperly aligned if a yellow or orange flame is observed instead. Users can attempt to clean the burner or simply let it burn on high heat for 15 minutes. If yellow or orange flames are still present, it is best to contact a certified grill maintenance staff to light the grill and adjust the shutters and tubes until the flame changes back to blue.

Thick smoke is observed

This means that the grill has a substantial build-up of grease, and the smoke created is due to the grease coming in contact with the gas fire. It is recommended to clean the grill thoroughly. Use a metal sponge that is soaked with soap water, to scrub the grease off the grill. Ensure that you remove all the grease before warming up the grill to evaporate the moisture.

There are instructions online as well as manuals on how to clean and perform maintenance on your gas grill on your own. However, it is best to contact an authorized gas grill specialist to perform gas grill repairs if you feel you can handle it by yourself at any point of time.

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