Make Your Small Bedroom Appear Bigger By Considering These Arrangement Ideas!

Since small bedrooms lack storage and floor space, they often look congested and crowded thus making the space feel uncomfortable. Most homeowners clutter their bedrooms with oversized furniture, something that gives the room a suffocating feel. Of course by now you wish that your bedroom was bigger, but if you pay little attention to proportion and the right furniture, your bedroom will look bigger and the wishes will be left with the horses. Below are few tips to help you in bedroom arrangement:

King size

You need to limit items such as furniture in your bedroom. However, you cannot do without a bed and closet. What you need to take into consideration is the size. Don’t put a king size bed in your small bedroom; it will make the space to look smaller.

Built in closets

It is prudent to have a built in closet or wardrobe because they save floor space. Use tall stand alone wardrobes because they use more vertical space and also provide more storage space. Sliding doors for your wardrobe can also be a wise idea.


Lighting plays a big role when it comes to decoration and arrangement of your bedroom. A small bedroom should have gentle lighting but installing them close to your bed can be even better because they give a more spacious appearance. You can also have dimmers installed at one or two points in your room.


Most homeowners often use carpets because carpets are a blessing to have in the bedroom especially in winter and when one is barefoot. They also enhance the beautiful look of the bedroom and are cozy. However, carpets also make the room to look smaller. For smaller bedrooms, it is prudent to opt for laminate flooring. You can even go for floor tiles because they give a more spacious look to the entire space.

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