Why is Smart Education the Next Big Thing?

With smart education aiming at providing holistic learning to students, experts feel that repetitive learning is likely to diminish in the near future.

Smart education offers a paradigm shift in the way students access education. With the ever-evolving technology, teachers are unable to comprehend what the future of education would look like 20 years from now.

 A smart education can be accessed virtually or through a physical environment. It could also be a blended version of both. In short, it can be summarised as the use of smart devices to augment the learning outcome of a traditional classroom. Smart learning fully prepares students for a fast-changing world where adaptability is of utmost importance. Following are a few reasons why smart education is a valuable asset for children of tomorrow:

1.Wider Reachability

Learning methods today allow people to interact with fellow students around the globe. Students are now able to collaborate with others from the best universities around the world on a virtual learning platform while sitting at their couch.

2. Transparency

Smart education allows parents to get involved in their child’s learning more efficiently. Teachers can record data of student’s attendance and exam scores and communicate the same to parents through online platforms. They are frequently updated about their child’s progress, attendance record, events at school etc. It opens up a transparent channel of communication between parents and teachers.

3.Effective Assessment of Outcome of Learning

Smart education implements the learning analytics and collects a wide range of information on students such as individual learning styles, the motivation behind their learning, etc. Collecting such information helps teachers to better craft teaching styles to fit the students’ needs. This constant adaptation, also known as ‘adaptive learning’ is the highlight of all smart digital learning programs. Important concepts such as dimensional analysis can be taught in the most engaging way with the help of the collected data.

4.Easy Sharing

The use of mobile for learning is democratising the process of learning. Being ubiquitous, it is a great tool for knowledge transfer. It accelerates the learning process through its constant accessibility.

 The points listed here enforces the fact that smart education is more than just a bunch of advanced learning methods. It has to be incorporated as a way of life in the learning process. Smart learning thus is an amalgamation of human intellect aided by tools and devices to bring precision to the learning process.

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