Motivating and Wise Things You Can Learn From Music Lyrics


If you are a parent or a teenager looking for some motivation, music is something that you have to look into. People who listen and understand songs attentively get the meanings hidden in the lyrics. Singers and lyricists not only play lovey-dovey songs only all the time. Some of them also tend to motivate listeners through their priceless lyrics and music. Now, this is not only limited to lyrics only. Sometimes they provide listeners with something surprising and something subliminal in their music videos as well.

Listening to a certain type of music and meditating has an amazing effect on people who find it hard to find peace within themselves or have a bad day at work and would want to vent out all the fatigues and negativity that one goes through during the whole day. Also, it is very useful for people to get help and have a sound sleep. So there a few songs that you can view or download via the internet and get motivated and get the best life advice:

You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones in 1969)

The youth of today is full of enthusiasm and optimism. They have that flare of achieving the impossible and try hard enough to achieve their goals. The song directs one’s attention towards the fact that if you try hard, you will seem rewarded even in the most adverse situation.

Beautiful (Christina Aguilera in 2002)

In this amazing number, the song reminds people of the fact that no matter how you look and what you are, you are still the most beautiful person in the world. This is the positive thing that the people of today should learn that looks don’t matter at all until and unless you are beautiful from the inside. The song puts everything in a nutshell and reminds people to keep on reminding themselves about the fact that life is all about loving yourself to be loved by others.

Love Can Build A Bridge (The Judds in 1990)

The dynamic duo of the Judds helped people to make people understand the reason why joining hearts and their heads is important. They presented one of the most amazing ideas and concepts of handling conflicts between friends, family, or people belonging to other nations and that it is an easy thing to do to come together on the same page and forget their differences being humans.

Man In The Mirror (Michael Jackson in 1987)

The 1987 song is based on the Chinese proverb that states that it is something to become or use a light in the dark than to curse the darkness itself. It is true to the core, that it is better to make a difference in the society rather than labeling and making social evils present in society today more prominent. One should think about their role and start by changing a single life rather than just spreading negative propaganda about the evils of society.

I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor in 1978)

When things are not going in your favor, this is something that you still can be happy about. One should think and remind yourself that no matter how adverse things are there is a lot to be happy and feel thankful to the Lord Almighty. When life gives you a tough time, it is something wise to stay strong and turn your setbacks into your staircase to success.

Legends Never Die (Against The Current in 2017)

The song was a 2017 release by Against the Current where they collaborated with Riot Games for the League of Legends World Championship and was performed on the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2017 League of Legends World Championship for the fans. The song is highly motivating for people looking for some motivation in life after they have suffered something. It tells the audience about the sufferings and adversities involved when you are in the making of a Legend. You can listen to this song using Spectrum internet and listen to it when you are working out. If you are a Spectrum customer, you can simply order Spectrum Internet or bundle up services to save more.

Can’t Be Touched (Roy Jones Jr. in 2004)

This is some amazing song for people who are looking for some motivation and want to turn a new leaf and make a difference for themselves. Especially for the African-Americans who get demotivated by racial discrimination, the will to get education, or any other pressure from their families. If you are there in the gym or if you are practicing some crazy boxing moves, then this song will be an amazing addition to your workout playlist.


There is a lot one can learn from life and to my surprise, music and movies have always been my aid to a refresher and a great comeback. You can do the same streaming one of the above-mentioned songs on YouTube or by downloading them on your iPod. During the current COVID-19 lockdown situation, it is very easy for you to make time for a little workout and learn a skill. Add one of these amazing music videos and make the most of the time.

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