Why Influencer Marketing Important for every brand promotion

This type of marketing is done by associating your brand with an inspirational public figure like famous persons will be hired or paid to promote it in the market. With this marketing strategy you can gain a new audience and consumers that value the product. Generally, Influencer Marketing goes hand in hand with social media and content marketing, because the public figure is supposed to get the word out there by one of these means of communication.

The first rule for getting the right fit for your brand is context making. You would have to find an influencer that promotes good health, like a yogi. Though they may not be world-wide influencers, they’re recognized due to their knowledge within a specific context. So in this way you can influence the audience and promote your product in the market.

To build relationship with your influencer:

If you want an influencer to take you in the long run, you have to provide them with what all influencers want: followers for sure. The easiest and most effective way to do this is sharing a post they wrote about your brand and redirect your followers to their website so in this way you can build a good relationship between you and your influencer.

The study revealed that both attitude toward influencers and perceive behaviour is control that allows will increase in domain knowledge had a favourable impact on consumer behaviour .Depending on the posts shared by influencers, consumers are impacted at these levels: increase in brand awareness, subject matter expertise, and brand preference. Successful Influencer Marketing involves identifying the right type of influencer who will best influence the audience, stories, and suggestions.

Discussion and Implications

The present study provides strategic insights to marketing practitioners to help reach the relevant target audience by using the right kind of influencer with the right content distribution strategy. Consumers today are more aware and informed and are able to tell the difference between an endorsement and a genuine recommendation. Brands that use influencers without studying the fitment between the influencer and the brand story are more likely to be deemed inauthentic. A sustainable strategy would require marketers focusing on identifying the right influencers and using them to drive brand engagement by identifying the target audience for whom the communication would be relevant. While most market research surveys indicate that “recommendations from friends or family” is always the number one trusted source of information, the way consumers look at influencers as an extension of their friend indicates that the question is not “why should I use influencer marketing” but “how should I use influencer marketing.” The research shows that influencers can be used for building relationships and connecting with consumers. Thus, the challenging task ahead for marketers is to find relevant influencers for the select target audience who can take the brand story forward while intimately connecting with the followers. When the focus is on getting maximum conversions, influencers should be judiciously used to target a niche market. The present research also shows that micro-influencers and bloggers have massive social media. Every brand use Digital Marketing for branding.

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