The Scariest Haunted Houses in LA

Haunted houses are a large part of LA’s culture.  When summer winds down, you’ll see dozens of ads for haunted houses and creepy; scary events pop up.  If you’re not from the area and you want to find the scariest locations possible: these are the ones to get to know! 

Why Do People Love Haunted Houses

Haunted houses trigger the same reaction as scary movies, roller coasters, and other thrill-seeking behaviors.  You get a boost of adrenaline, and that can leave you feeling excited and having fun.  Although not everyone loves that sensation, plenty of people enjoy spending time with others during a scary movie or haunted house because it gives them the chance to prove how brave and unphased they are.

LA Haunted Hayride

If you’re ready to get spooked and scared, it’s time to head into the LA Haunted Hayride!  With jumpscares, haunted mazes, and unnerving paths, you’ll love driving through this incredible maze.  Not only is this fun for the entire family, but you also get the chance to feel like you’re driving into an actual haunted field.

This is best close to Halloween, as they pull out all the stops, but it’s fantastic whenever you can catch it! 

Creep LA

If you’re ready to feel terrified, it’s time to head into Creep, LA.  With skilled horror actors, incredible set design, and terrifying storylines, you’ll enjoy the interactive maze and horrifying experience this offers.  Many love the unique take on scaring people, while others like that it’s an indoor experience because it leaves you feeling more exposed and out of control.

Since this changes every year, you have to come back time and time again to get their unique stories and incredible ideas!


When it’s time to feel scared, you wouldn’t expect it to happen by simply pulling into a normal neighborhood.  This unexpected haunted house feels like a regular building, but it gets scarier the deeper you go until many say they couldn’t help but scream at the end of it.  This production is well done, with tons of surprises and a plot that you won’t expect when it happens.  Locals and tourists alike love this haunted house, with many saying they’d be willing to look at Los Angeles apartments for rent if they could come back and watch the show every day.

What Makes Los Angeles’ Haunted Houses So Good

Los Angeles is lucky enough to have the best-haunted houses in the world because of its proximity to Hollywood!  Being so close to this incredible city gives professionals the chance to enjoy cheap and easy prosthetic pieces, awesome set design, creative horror house creators, and awesome fans who are coming to town for thrills.

All of this combined is the perfect cocktail to make the haunted house of anyone’s dreams.  Consider stopping by at any of these during your next trip to the area.

There’s Nothing Quite Like Los Angeles!

If you’re seeking thrills and want to be shocked, it’s time to head to Los Angeles!  This city knows how to keep anyone on their toes.

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