Tips On How To Deal With That Stinky Skunk Spray

No one ever wants to get into a fight let alone cross paths with a skunk. The smelly liquid that this animal releases in self defence is quite foul smelling. The worst bit is that due to its oily nature, this liquid clings to items that it comes into contact with therefore the smell lingers for a very long time to come.

  • The first place that you should start, should you receive a spraying from this animal, is the bathroom. Ensure that you remove the spray from your body as soon as possible. If it stays on the skin longer than it is necessary it is absorbed, making it hard to get rid of the smell. As it is oily, use soap that cuts through the oil. It is recommended that you use a strong dish cleaning detergent that is effective in getting rid of grease.
  • You can use chlorine that is used in the swimming pool to get rid of the skunk spray. Chlorine should however be used with caution as it may have a caustic effect. Measure out the right ratio of bleach to bathwater.
  • You can also use baking soda in your bath water. The baking soda should have dissolved fully in the water. Rinse your body with clean water after bathing with chlorine or baking soda to ensure that all traces are eliminated from the skin.

After a thorough cleaning, you should be able to remove the skunk spray from your body. Clothes usually are not so easily cleaned. You may have to take them through many wash cycles using hot water, detergent and vinegar. This may help to get rid of the smell eventually.

If you come across the skunk in your compound, then you should look for professional skunk removal  services. The professionals are best placed to remove the skunk from your vicinity, thus protecting you from future spraying.

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