Quick Tips To Become A Better Deer Hunter

It is a dream for any hunter to be able to bring down the target with a single shot. However, becoming a great hunter involves more than dedication, patience and hard work. Getting that deer with a single shot requires skill and technique, proper timing and aiming right. It does not matter whether you are an expert hunter or just a newbie; below are some few simple techniques that you can employ to become a better hunter.

  1. Know the right time to hunt

Many great hunters are great timers, hence the reason most of them hunt during the late cold season. Having knowledge of the feeding habits of the target, the hunters approach the deer at their food sources. As the animal concentrates to feed, considering that the frigid temperatures keep the animal feeding for about four hours, thus providing a hunter with a great opportunity to strike.

  1. Use a cover scent

Most professional deer hunters use cover scent. However, it is important to eliminate the human body odors first. This is because the deer have a strong scent for human odor and hence will notice when a hunter is approaching. To achieve this, hunters should wash their clothes in non-scented detergents.

  1. Territorial infringement

If possible, you may want to try territorial infringement. This is when a new buck shows in another territory, which belongs to another buck. You can easily accomplish this by using buck grunt calls, buck urines and tarsal glands.

However, before going on to that enjoyable deer hunting experience, especially if you are new in the fields, it is mandatory to acquire a hunting license in many states. This will be only possible after going through a hunter safety course.  The various schools offering the course will equip you with the skills required when it comes to responsible handling of the equipment and weapons.

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