Ever Thought About The Services That A Mall Security Guard Provides?

Mall security guards have an important job to do with the retail properties to ensure that the safety of shoppers and staff are not at stake! They are here to ensure operations flow smoothly and are a valuable asset to any mall. Mall security guards do more than just patrolling the area and here are the security services that they provide!

Static positions

This is one of the two main positions than a mall security guard can hold. Static mall security positions require the guard to inspect or monitor video feeds from the closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras located throughout the mall with an objective to notice anything out of the ordinary.

These CCTVs may be located in shops, in lifts or in hallways so that the guards will know what is going on without physically being there. These guards will report any suspicious findings to a mobile guard who will make his or her way down to the location to investigate.

Mobile positions

Mobile security guards patrol the mall area and ensure operations flow smoothly. They usually have a direct communication line to the static guards, often through a walkie-talkie. A batch of mobile guards may be stationed throughout the mall and one guard may cover one level.

Mobile guards also provide immediate assistance if necessary, such as attending to an injured individual or providing directions to leave the mall in the event of a fire. Mobile mall guards also assist in investigating suspicious activity as well as catching or detaining robbers and any individual who’s deemed to be causing damage, harm or trouble. Mall security guards do work with law enforcement or the police to ensure reported cases are accounted for.

Opening and closing of main doors

Mall security guards are also responsible for the opening and closing of the main doors in the morning as well as at night. These guards will have to ensure that every visitor has left the building before closing the main doors at night.

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