3 Security Related Careers That You Might Want To Pursue

A security guard company is a standalone company offering security guard services to clients such as banks, cinema theatres and construction sites. These guards are trained and are experienced in providing assistance in a variety of situations such as attending to an injury, detaining a robber as well as monitoring live or recorded video feeds for suspicious activity. Here are 3 positions that are present in a security guard company that you might want to pursue:

Security officers

Security officers are individuals that may patrol the area that he or she is assigned. They may also monitor video feed from closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs) for suspicious activity. These security officers may be assigned to banks, shopping malls or offices and may also be tasked to perform selective restriction – that is to grant access to an item, area or service only to individuals holding specific roles, credentials or status. They report back to their supervisors on a daily basis.

Security supervisors

Security supervisors are responsible for batches of security officers that are stationed in different locations. Security supervisors ensure that the security officers are present and are actively working. Supervisors are also tasked to provide a client with a replacement if the assigned officer is unable to turn up for work. They also compile reports that are sent by security officers and look into any incidents or issues that require some form of investigation. Security supervisors report to the operations manager.

Operations manager

The operations manager is responsible for liaising with clients to discuss their requests or feedback, and may also work with relevant departments on new partnerships with clients. A security operations manager looks at reports from the security supervisor as well as creating charts, statistics and data to better understand the client’s needs. They also look into reported incidents and monitor their progress and ensure that every case is accounted for.

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