3 Important Safety Rules That All Woodworkers Should Bear In Mind

Woodworking can range from a casual hobby to a serious profession. There are safety rules that everyone must follow regardless if the individual performs woodworking casually or if it is his or her full time job. Woodworkers work with serious tools and machinery capable of causing harm and injury if used carelessly. This is why there are many safety rules and regulations that goes into the working environment or area that constantly reminds the worker of the rules they have to follow. Here are the top 3 safety rules all woodworkers should bear in mind at all times!

Wear safety equipment at all times

This is the top and most important rule that every worker should follow. Every worker must wear at least a safety hat at all times as there might be flying debris. The safety equipment also protects the worker from injury to a certain extent, and in some cases is able to prevent permanent injury to the worker that would have happened if the worker was not wearing any safety equipment. Woodworkers work with machinery that contains blades and it is therefore important for the worker to wear gloves. The worker may also wear bright-colored uniforms so that they are easily spotted.

Do not work under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Woodworkers work with woodworking tools that may cause a lot of damage, injury and harm when misused. It is extremely dangerous to work under the influence of drug and alcohol as the individual will not have proper control over their body and limb movements. They may, for instance, cut a piece of wood way off its original measurements into a wall or drop a hammer into a sawmill, all of which have disastrous consequences. Workers have to have a clear state of mind at all times when working.

Check before you start work and after you end work

Woodworkers should check their equipment before they start work. This is to ensure that everything is fine and working properly. Nails and pins may drop into a sawmill when no one is looking and will damage the equipment when they are started up.

When the shift has ended, power down the equipment properly and ensure that no debris are stuck in any particular equipment that may cause any potential damage. Also put all woodworking tools back to where they belong!

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