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Why Having A Printer Is An Appreciated Thing These Days

We live in a time where hand written stuff is getting rarer. Apart from being an expression of sincerity when writing a love letter or a birthday card, there really is no longer a need to write something with your hand when you can type it out and print it. While printing may be something that was originally meant for documents that needs to be formal and shown in meetings or to the public, the printing process is so simple now that we are using it for the most trivial of tasks. But is it necessary to own a printer at home, when there are so many printing service companies that do a professional job around? With that said, here are some reasons why having a printer at home is so awesome.

It is convenient

Having a printer at home not only saves you a trip to the printing company, it saves you the hassle of having to queue up and wait for your turn, which is the case for most printing companies where there are usually a ton of customers waiting to use just a handful of large laser printers. It also allows you to print at your own time, so you can compile your documents even at 3am in the morning to rush for that deadline in the morning. You don’t have to worry about taking a long time to print either, as there are cheap inkjet printers in the market that can print relatively fast.

It is cheap

You can run into quite a huge bill when procuring the services of a printing company. While one page may only cost 1 to 2 cents, think about how much that would be if you have large, multipage documents, and what a hole it will blow in your wallet in the long run! Although there is the cost of ink and electricity involved for home printers, it is always cheaper than going to printing companies by some distance.

It can do more than print

Many printers these days are also equipped with faxing and scanning capabilities. With that, there is no longer a need to purchase separate devices to complete different tasks. An all-in-one printer would be all you need to create, send, and receive documents.

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