Top 3 Principles For Smarter Closet Designs In Your Home

Closets can be a tricky choice, especially if you are not armed with an organization objective and clear about your priorities. Often people find there are dissatisfied with the expensive closet they ordered for their homes, once they start using it. They might find the closet, regardless of it price tag and many bells and whistles, falls flat on every criteria that matters to them during organization. Therefore, here are the top 3 principles for smart closets for your home and choosing with your priorities straight.

Ask pertinent questions – What do you want?

Your closet design should fit all your priorities. So, ask the questions that are vital for this organization – do you need sitting options within your walk in closets? Ask yourself whether the option means just a seat for you while styling yourself, or do you want a more group style sitting area within your closet space. Do you need a full-length mirror within the closet? In case you do, look for placement areas that cannot be blocked by a door or window.

Functionality management of the closet

You are the best judge of how functional you want your closets to be. Is it supposed to be just a place for organizing all your clothes and accessories? Do you want to iron and/or mend your clothes in the same space? What other functionality are you expecting from your closet space? Depending on this you can add a flip-down board for ironing or a sewing machine complete with a drawer full of sewing essentials in a corner of the closet.

The view from the closet

More and more designers are recommending putting in windows within the closet space. Large French windows or central pivot windows bring in more light and fresh air within your closet space. It can completely transform your space. Alternately, you can also opt to put in a small TV within the room to watch during ironing, mending or dressing up.

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