Things to Know Before Buying a Health Insurance Policy Online

Health insurance is a protection that the insurer offers to the policyholderif he or she meets with a medical emergency. The insurer will cover the hospitalisation costs of the insured person, including pre-hospitalization or post-hospitalisation medical expenses of a policyholder.

Every individual must have a health plan as the hospitalisation costs can be very expensive and it can also bring fiscal burden for the family in case of a health crisis.

Purchasing a health insurance policy is easy, and a person can also buy it online.A person can easily buy health insurance online by visiting the website of the insurer.

However, there are some factors that a person should know while purchasing health insurance such as-

  • Compare Plans

A mistake that many people make is purchasing the first insurance plan they see or the insurance that has the lowest premium. However, a person should look for the benefits offered by the plan by comparing different policies across different insurance providers website. It is easy as people can browse various websites and see the benefits provided by the insurers for different plans. A person must put in some time to know the policies and go for the one that is best for them.

  • Decide the Premium

Premium is the amount a person pays against the assured sum of the policy. It is one of the most important factors that decide the benefits of a plan. If a person can’t pay more, then they can only go for the benefits they feel are essential. In such a situation, they can reduce the premium butremain insured.

  • Types of Insurance Policy

There are different types of policies that the insurer offers, such as family plans, individual plans, etc. An individual plan only covers the individual who holds the policy. However, a family plan covers the policyholder and the entire family members. A person should know if they will get more benefits with an individual plan or a family plan.

HDFC ERGO offers different types of insurance policies to the insurers to meet their needs. The insurer covers the policyholder against the expenses of medical treatment.

Here are some insurance policies that the insurer offers-

  • Individual Health Insurance

It is hard for many people to find time to exercise due to their busy lifestyle. These people must buy health insurance as their lifestyle can cause illnesses. A person purchasing insurance at a young age will have to pay a low premium.

  • Family Health Insurance

One of the most important responsibilities of a person is towards his family. Protecting them from all perils at all times is important. Different health insurance planscover like family health insurance covers the members of the family from spouse,children to even parents.  Also, family health insurance can get the policyholder a high cover amount as there is an increase in the sum assured.

  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance

While senior citizens have less professional worries, they can have more health worries. They can find protection with senior citizen health insurance as it offers them cover against the medical expenses.

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