The Best Times To Buy New Furniture Revealed!

You may not know it but new furniture designs are usually launched in February and August. That is why furniture store owners often try to clear old designs by offering attractive discounts, in the name of accommodating new arrivals. Clearing sale usually begins a month or two before the launch of new designs. With that in mind, January and July are the best months for buying new furniture. To find out more on the best time to buy specific pieces of furniture, read on!

Living room furniture

Store owners will tell you that living room furniture like loveseats and sofas are always in demand. That said, you can buy them at discounted rates at any time of the year. You only need to watch out for offers and discount sales at furniture stores. But that is not all.  Other living room furniture like center tables and sleeper sofas often face a surge in demand during the holiday season. Strangely, holiday months are not ideal for anyone to shop for these pieces. Why so? Retailers start bringing in fresh stock a couple of months and sometimes even weeks before the holiday season. On that note, September to October and to some extent May are the best months to be on the lookout for discounted living room furniture.

Dining room furniture

Everyone usually experiences an influx of guests and visitors during the holiday season. It is often the best time for loved ones to come together and just have a good time. A month before Christmas is therefore a good time to shop for dining room furniture.

Bedroom furniture

There really is no good time to shop for bedroom furniture. They are always in demand. Your best bet would be buying from stores that specialize in bedroom sets.  Such stores offer discounts and offers whenever they want to clear their inventory.

Patio furniture

Summer is the best time to buy patio furniture.  This is mainly because people are inclined to spending more time in their patios when it is hot. Great bargains are found just before summer. If you are lucky, you can come across retailer offering discounts by as much as 50%!

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