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Beyond Pest Control Announces Green Services and New Offers in NYC!

Beyond pest control NYC specializes in handling all kinds of pests and insects, and they have been operating in the NYC area for the longest time. When the company announced ‘Green’ Approach towards their services, it was big news for the masses. The company organized an event to share details with selected customers and local businesses.

The marketing manager for Beyond Pest Control added that the idea is to reduce the impact of pest control processes on the environment, because most companies are relying on chemicals and pesticides that have serious concerns for the environment. He also added that the company will only use organic pest control alternative products. As the best-rated bed bug exterminator NYC, the company intends to keep the services effective and yet safe for humans, animals, and the planet. The marketing team also added that the products used include patented, synergistic blends of plant essential oils that help in repelling pests and insects and keeping them at bay.

At the event, Beyond Pest Control also announced offers on all services related to for pest control New York. The company added that new and existing clients will get an exclusive deal on their services for the next month, promising surprises for every cleanup work taken. The company also added that botanical active ingredients have been tested for pest resistance and if clients want to know more, the team will be happy to assist. Also, the marketing team assured that emergency services will continue to be their top priority, and the company is already expanding to accommodate more pest control requests per day.

The current announcement makes Beyond Pest Control one of the better companies in this industry, given that their approach would change the way other services think of pest control.

About Beyond Pest Control

Beyond Pest Control is a known exterminator NYC, which offers green and efficient pest control services in the region. From roaches, mice, fleas, bed bugs to rats, moths and more, the company can handle any kind of situation. Their services are fast and they take every case seriously, regardless of the work involved. To know more, please refer to their website.

Media Contact Details-

Company Name: Beyond Pest Control Inc

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (718) 777-2345

Address: 2805 Astoria Blvd

City: Astoria

State: NY

Country: United States

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