4 Things That Make A Good Crowd Control Barrier

If you have ever attended an outdoor concert, then you know for a fact that controlling a crowd is not an easy thing.  You have to hire a private security firm. You also have to hire the right crowd control equipment, which is where crowd control barriers come into the picture. But just what makes barriers good and fit for use in big events? Read on to find out.


This means the length, height, tubing thickness and size. As far as length is concerned, the international standard barrier length is 98 inches. The standard height is just 43 inches. Frames should be made of at least 16 gauge steel tubing that measure 1.5 inches in outside diameter.


Start with checking out the hooks. If the barriers you have at the event don’t connect, then you simply have ‘orphan’ barriers, in other words, barriers that won’t fit with hooks. They will simply waste away space or compromise the integrity of barrier lines.


The weakest link of any crowd control barrier is its base. It can be easily damaged, so ensure that the barrier you go for has a strong base. This could be tricky, given that there are four types of barricade bases. They include:

  • The ‘U’ base
  • The flat base
  • Traditional bridge base
  • Wheel base

Your service provider will let you know the difference and help you make an informed choice. You may also wish to do some research online or even offline on the best barrier bases. Simply take your time to make the right choice.


Quality barriers are always galvanized to improve durability and prevent rust. The same applies to temporary fences, so the next time you see a ‘temporary fence for sale’ sign, inquire from the company if they can offer you galvanized crowd barriers.


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