4 Common Grease Trap Cleaning Services That Companies Offer

It is good to know the different kinds of grease trap cleaning services that some companies offer and provide. Having some knowledge of grease trap cleaning, benefits an individual and allows him or her to better communicate with a cleaning company when the need arises. Here are the 4 common grease trap cleaning services that companies do offer!

High pressure vacuum service

Cleaning companies commonly offer a high pressure vacuum pumping service for grease traps, manholes, holding tanks and sump pits. The high pressure vacuum cleaners are able to pump out, displace and dispose of waste, grease and particles. Specialized vacuum pumps are also used and they are the best choice for this application!

High pressure water jetting service

Cleaning companies often offer the water jetting service as a package with the vacuum service. The personnel uses a high pressure truck mounted hose operating at 5000 PSI to effectively flush, clean and maintain any surface, pipe or tank. This is genuinely useful for removing blockages, clogs and chokes that may be found in grease traps, waste pipes or sewers.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection of pipes

Companies are able to offer the usage of an advanced and flexible mini camera to inspect pipes. The camera is inserted into a pipe and it projects the image back to the operator. The specialized equipment is also able to scan for structural damages to the pipe that the human eye is unable to detect. It can be used to check sewerages too.

Electro-mechanical maintenance

This involves the personnel inserting a rotating cable with a cutter attached at the end into a pipe to cut, push or break down blockages that may have built up over time. The contraption can also remove any waste materials effectively! This solution works best in combination with a water jetting service. This service is commonly used for drains.

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