3 Reasons Why You Must Rethink How You Are Storing Your Intimates In Your Closet

More often than not, the underwear finds itself neglected in comparison to all the other categories of fashionable clothes in your closet. Yet every style of fashion requires a good foundation and perfect shape guaranteed by a good pair of bra. You also need to be more careful storing your pantyhose and stockings because the storage system might be the leading cause for splits and snags ruining such expensive products. If you are storing your bras in a drawer along with your pile of intimates, here are three reasons why you need to rethink your strategy.

Hang for shape retention

Bras do not come cheap. It is a huge struggle to find the perfect shape and size of bra that fits you like a dream. Unfortunately, with the wrong kind of storage system you are the main reason why they lose their shape faster. Instead of piling them with your panties in a drawer, hang them on your belts or scarves hanger. Using closet organizers especially for your bra can help you retain the quality of the products longer.

Separate panty hoses and stockings

Storing your pantyhose or silk stockings within the same drawer as the bras is a huge mistake. Often the hooks and the underwire on the bra might snag the delicate panty hose or stockings rendering a split that might be visible when you wear it. This ruins a perfectly good outfit. Replacing the pantyhose might be expensive considering on the type of material that you prefer. Instead, roll them up, place them in safe organizer bags, and store them in drawers.

More space in the underwear drawers

Finally, the biggest reason why you should be storing your intimates in a batter strategy is to free up more space in the drawers. Your tees, slips, delicate cashmere, or silk tops need to be folded and stored. Hanging the bras frees up more space in your intimate drawers for these products.

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