3 Common Places That Require The Services Of A Security Guard

Security guards are a valuable asset in any area that requires some form of access control, crowd control and traffic control. The streets, malls and banks would all be high crime targets if there is no one to provide security. These guards protect the confidentiality of data as well as restricting access to an object, service or place to anyone that is not authorized. This process of selective restriction based on credentials, role and status is what keeps our streets safe and our data intact! Here are the 3 common places that require the service of a security guard.


There is a large amount of cash in any bank at any point of time. A portion of it belongs to the bank while the other portion belongs to the clients. It is critical to have security guards in place with such valuable assets present.

Banks often have two types of security guards. The first type of guards works under the bank’s payroll and name, and are knowledgeable with the inner workings of the security system, closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs) and operations. They work with the bank staff to ensure operations run smoothly. The second types of guards are hired from an external security guard company. These guards provide expert service and assistance and may bear firearms.


Hotels also hire security guards. These security guards perform selective restriction and ensure that individuals can only access what they are entitled to. Hotel guards also patrol the hotel as well as view video feed from CCTVs to ensure operations are running smoothly.

Construction sites

Security guards are needed in construction sites too! They ensure that no worker leaves with confidential information as well as performing selective restriction to visitors. Curious onlookers may attempt to enter the site and it is the guard’s job to prevent access to minimize chances of a security breach.

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