What Tools Does An Electrician In Mississauga Need To Do A Perfect Job?

Regardless of how well installed your electrical system is, at one time or another, one thing or two will go wrong. Wiring and switches gets damaged, receptacles worn out (particularly if people are always plugging cords in and out), insulation frayed, to name but a few issues you might experience with your electrical system.  There are other issues that periodically crop up that have little to do with the health of an electrical system itself.

All in all, lamp cords need replacement, doorbells that become corroded from exposure to the elements need to be repaired or altogether replaced, fuses get blown up due to overloads, etc. These all issues need to be urgently addressed, and what a better person to handle these than a qualified and reputable electrician in Mississauga?

Commonly used electrical repair tools

While technological advancements are introducing new and better tools every other year, the following are tried and tested and all belong in the box of a competent electrician, no matter where based.

  1. Volt-Ohm meter: This is possibly one of the most important tools an electrician should possess. It is used to measure the ohms and voltage.  Without this tool, a competent electrician will never attempt an electrical repair undertaking. With it, an electrician can instantly troubleshoot appliances, figure out whether a wall outlet is broken or not, test fuses and so forth.
  2. Multipurpose tool:  This tool is so named because it can be used to strip insulation, crimp electrical connectors, cut wires, measure diameter of wires and so forth. It is such an invaluable tool in that not only does it perform work that is meant for dedicated tools, it also has the unique benefit of perfectly fitting into a technician’s pocket as well as hanging from his or her tool belt.
  3. Nut-driver: This is quite a common tool with many electricians. They use it to remove screws and nuts that have a hexagonal head.
  4. Jumper wire: This is used to test for open electrical circuits. The most important thing to remember with this tool is to never use it on a live appliance.

Other equally important electrical issue solving tools and that are regularly used by electricians in Mississauga include replacement fuses, spring clamp pliers, neon circuit testers, soldering pencil and cordless screwdriver.

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